November issue of The Archer

This month, The Archer has published a short review about our gig at the East Finchley Arts Festival 2012, with mentions to Fátima and Alex. You can read both stories mentioned on the review on this web site: “Como los ángeles al caer el sol / Like angels when sunset came” and “Door to door”.

Writers and their work

Review by Daphne Chamberlain

East Finchley Writers Group are now veterans of the Arts Festival. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase their work to all festival-goers, as well as to satisfy the curiosity of friends and relations.

As usual, this year’s programme had something for everyone, including short stories, poems, extracts from novels, travel writing, and even a piece of bilingual flash fiction. What’s that? A very, very short piece, read both in the author’s native Spanish and in English.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a published author or a complete beginner (and we heard some of each). When you are reading aloud, you must grab your listeners’ attention, and the group grabbed well.

Some of the readings were very memorable. Who could forget the door-to-door salesman who sold misery? It was a nice selection too, with nothing too long.

I will be reviewing their latest anthology next month.

East Finchley Writers meet on Wednesdays at the Old White Lion. For more details, contact Carola on 020 8883 5808.

You can read and download the PDF version here, and buy the anthology mentioned here.


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